Parents and Friends

The school and community extensively reflect the name ‘Holy Family’ with the staff and parents working together to ensure the children receive the best possible education in a strong family atmosphere.                               

The P & F recognises and values the role that parents and carers play in the education of their children and aims to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community for the benefit of their children’s overall development and learning.  The Association meets twice a term to assist the school in achieving its goals through the encouragement of social interaction, participation in educational programs, and fundraising. The Parents and Friends Association is one of the most effective on the North Shore and makes a significant financial contribution each year to the School.

If you would like to contact the Parents and Friends Association you can do so by emailing us at

Minutes of P & F Meeting 28th May 2019 Minutes of P & F Meeting 19th February 2019 Minutes of P & F AGM 27th November 2018 Minutes of P & F Meeting 30th October 2018 Minutes of P & F Meeting 31st July 2018 P&F Annual Report 2016 Holy Family P & F Constitution 2015 SIP Parent Overview