Enrolment Process during Covid-19

  1. Download the online Enrolment Form
  2. Complete your child’s enrolment details
  3. Save the form as a PDF
  4. Email the completed form to the school office info@holyfamily.nsw.edu.au

Upon receipt of your child’s enrolment form, we will contact you to invite you to meet our Principal.

Register for our Virtual Open Day

Prospective parents are invited to attend our Virtual Open Morning and Evening (via Zoom) to meet our Principal and learn more about our school.

Our next Virtual Open Day and Evening in 2020 is:

Thursday 4th June : 9:30am to 10:30am or 6:00pm to 7:00pm

To register for our Virtual Open Day, CLICK HERE

Interested parents are also welcome to book a school tour (observing physical distancing protocols) at any time. Click here to book a tour of our school.

Alternatively, please contact the school on 9416 7200 or email us at info@holyfamily.nsw.edu.au

Enrolment Information

Enrolment Process – Kindergarten

Enrolment at Holy Family is based on the premise that your child turns five the year prior to commencing school or early in the year they are due to start. 

Parents or caregivers seeking to enrol their child/children for the following school year should complete and return an enrolment package (available on this page) to our school office as soon as possible in the year prior to their child commencing Kindergarden. Once we have sufficient numbers for Kindergarten, subsequent children enrolling will be placed on a waiting list.  We conduct our parent meetings in June/July.


Enrolments mid-year – all grades

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 may be enrolled at any time throughout the year where there are vacancies. Enrolment application packages are available from the school office or download the forms below.


Enrolment Forms

Electronic Application for Enrolment Form Enrolment Application Form Diocesan Enrolment Policy Enrolments - general information Parish Priest Reference Form for School Enrolment Standard Collection Notice School Fees 2020 School Fee Information for parents 2020


Enrolments – more information

In the case of excessive applications, enrolment offers will be based on the Enrolment Policy of the Broken Bay Diocese, which states that priority in enrolment will be given in this order to children whose:

  • Catholic families are known and involved members of the parish.
  • Catholic families express through the enrolment process an intention to commit to Catholic discipleship and the worshipping community of the parish.
  • Catholic families express an understanding of and commitment to the educational and religious life of the school.
  • families of other Christian traditions are known and involved members of their worshipping community and express an understanding of and commitment to the educational and religious life of the school.
  • families express an understanding of and commitment to the educational and religious life of the school.

An important part of the enrolment process is a meeting with the Principal and the Parish Priest. The child attends a Kindergarten Orientation which takes place on nominated days prior to commencement. This process is in accordance with Diocesan policy and assists in preparing the child to begin school.