We are uniquely connected to two churches after the amalgamation of Lindfield and Killara Parishes. 

Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Lindfield is a Parish School connected to two churches; Holy Family at Lindfield and the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Killara. We have very strong ties to the Lindfield Killara Parish.

  • Our Parish welcomes parishioners to join family groups who meet socially and support each other, especially through the school years.
  • Many of our parents have parish ministries as readers, altar servers, musicians & communion ministers
  • School and Parish often co-ordinate Social Justice projects
  • The Sacramental program is Parish based and is supported with specific units in the school curriculum. Parents from the school often take leadership roles in the Sacramental groups
  • Members of the Parish community are invited to serve on the School Board.
  • Each grade hosts Sunday morning Mass during term time, with the children taking on a variety of ministries

We are very fortunate to have our Church situated next to our school. This gives the students numerous opportunities to be a part of our Church community and also reflects our Parish’s close ties with our school community.

Parish Office Parish Office Hours: Tue-Fri 9.30 am – 4pm

Postal address: PO Box 22, Lindfield NSW 2070 P: 9416 3702
Parish Website: 

Catholic Parish of Lindfield -Killara

  • Fr Colin Blayney, Parish Priest
  • Fr Stephen Hill, Priest-in-Residence

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