Human Society and Its Environment

Human Society and Its Environment is the key learning area in which students develop knowledge, understandings, skills, and values and attitudes about people and their social and physical environments.

The outcomes and content in this Human Society and Its Environment K–6 Syllabus are organised in four strands:

  • Change and Continuity
  • Cultures
  • Environments
  • Social Systems and Structures.

Our aim in HSIE is to assist students in developing knowledge and essential understandings about Australia’s history and geography, the people who live within its territory and their social, cultural, economic and political lives.

They will learn about Australians, European influences, the original occupation of Australia by Aboriginal people and Australia’s shared history, Australia in the context of the Asian and Pacific regions and the world, and other cultures in the world. The development of academic and social skills is an important aspect of learning and teaching.

General religious education is incorporated into the syllabus to assist students to understand the role of religion and spirituality in communities and societies and in the lives of individuals.