Rice Day at Holy Family

We had a great day celebrating Ash Wednesday with prayers, followed by students participating in the ‘Walk in The Shoes’ of those less fortunate by giving up their lunch for a day and having a bowl of rice to eat instead – this is one of our beautiful tradition on Ash Wednesday where we celebrate it as a Rice Day.

This year we raised over $1600 for Caritas! This is an excellent effort! Thanks to all parent volunteers and teachers who helped make the day run smoothly. The money raised on Rice Day will be sent to Caritas for their Project Compassion initiative. This project aims to walk alongside communities as they strive to be the architects of their own development www.caritas.org.au/project-compassion

Some reflections from 3W
What we learned from experiencing Rice Day:

  • I learned how it feels like to be a poor person who has only rice to eat. Noah
  • I learned that poor people must feel very hungry and that you need to appreciate what you have. Rose
  • I learned that people that are poor do not eat much food and only eat rice for all their meals. Oliver
  • I learned that we are so lucky for what we have. Gisele
  • I learned that it is good to give money to the poor people. Mathias
  • I learned that some people do not have as much food as I do. Beatrice
  • I learned how it feels to only have a cup of rice for lunch. I was still hungry afterwards. Chris
  • I learned poor people do not have as much as us. Edward
  • I learned that poor people open a cupboard to find only a cup of rice. Imogen