Volunteering at Holy Family

We’d like to thank our school community who volunteered their time in 2022, your contributions have been greatly appreciated.

Our parent volunteers provide an invaluable service to the school that we cannot do without. They work tirelessly, without complaint, and with smiles on their faces because they love ‘giving back’. The children absolutely adore seeing their Mum, Dad and Grandparents at school in any capacity, it makes them feel very special.
We appreciate their assistance, sense of humour, care and thoughtfulness. We cant wait to see everyone again this year.

This year we are building on a new team of parents and carers to help plan and coordinate our initiatives and events for the year. There are a range of things to get involved in, and different ways you can help. Simply sign up on to our volunteer list and our P&F team will be in touch to provide more information in the upcoming weeks.

“Volunteering at Holy Family has been so rewarding for me. I was able to get involved in things that worked with my own schedule and that I was interested in. The delight on my kids faces at seeing me at school, the opportunity to meet other parents, and knowing everyone had a great time was incredibly fulfilling.” – Year 5 parent.
Join our team of volunteers