Coles redevelopment – update

Ku-ring-gai Council has confirmed that the Coles Development Application to redevelop the existing site on the corner of Pacific Highway and Balfour Lane has been approved. At this point there is no indication from Coles as to a start date.

Driveway Access

The first phase of the development will see the construction of a new Balfour Lane adjacent to the school boundary. Continuous laneway access for Holy Family School and Church is guaranteed with the existing Balfour Lane remaining open until the new lane is complete. The new lane will be wider, well lit and will have a footpath separated by a safety barrier. Balfour Lane will be free of construction traffic at all times.

Development Plans

As a result of consultation meetings with the Parish and School during the design process, Coles modified their plans to include:

  • the relocation of the carpark exhausts to the Pacific Highway end of the roof and repositioning all residential air conditioning units on the roof,
  • noise baffles which will be installed around carpark levels to minimise the impact of noise on the school,
  • balcony screens and unit window placement modifications to remove any line of sight with the school playground.

The finished structure will be well within the allowable floor space for the site and will provide:

  • double the number of parking bays,
  • a larger, new supermarket,
  • improved access and amenity for the school community.

What are we doing?

The School continues to work with the Holy Family Advisory Board to design a School Management Plan to ensure the that school will continue to operate efficiently and safely for our children and their families.

Consultation between the Parish, School and Coles will be ongoing. Any further information, including projected start dates, will be communicated as they become available.