Book Week 2019

We were thoroughly entertained last week by two fantastic authors who visited our school for Book Week : Andrew Traucki and Jacqueline Harvey (author of the Alice-Miranda series and her new book “Kensy and Max”).

Andrew Traucki’s offsider Mick describes why they wrote “Mashed Myths” :

As a teacher, I would often encounter students, boys and girls, who described reading as ‘boring’. However these same students regularly became engrossed in reading when presented with books that grabbed their interest.  And what was it that got them reading most of the time?  Funny. Kids love to laugh. A survey by Scholastic showed that the main thing kids wanted in a book was laughs

They laugh at silly stuff, gross stuff, weird stuff, out of this world stuff.  Tom Gates, Paul Jennings, Terry Deary, Spike Milligan. These are the authors I snatch off the shelf to get my reluctant readers giggling and reading.It’s with this in mind that Andrew and I wrote Mashed Myths.

Aimed at 7 to 12 year olds MASHED MYTHS is all about, storytelling,  ancient myths, heroes and laughs! How did Jason defeat the dreaded farting harpies? How great was Hercules’s hair, really? How many sheep were in Odysseus’s crew? Mashed Myths is Fractured Fairy Tales meets Homer in this hysterical collection of rollicking classic tales, loaded with laughs, drawings, quizzes and adventure.