Minilit – ‘Meeting Initial Needs in Literacy’

Congratulations to our first Holy Family Multilit graduates!

Holy Family is excited to offer Minilit to struggling readers, delivered by our Minilit trained staff.

MiniLit is designed to be delivered to small groups of up to four students. It is an evidence-based, effective early literacy intervention which aims at improving five literacy skills : (1) Phonemic Awareness, (2) Phonics, (3) Fluency, (4) Vocabulary and (5) Comprehension. It is a practical, systemic and explicit model for teaching reading skills developed at Macquarie University by Professor Kevin Whedall.

Key benefits include:

  • Evidence-based, best practice program designed for students
  • Aimed at early struggling readers who are in the bottom 25% of students
  • Highly cost effective small group instruction program
  • Comprehensively trained teachers
  • Structured and explicit program

Do you want to know more? Contact the school to speak with one of our trained Minilit staff.