School Readiness

Starting Kindergarten is a new adventure for you and your child.  “The key areas of maturity and development are the social and emotional areas,” says Mrs Findlay.

Here are some of the questions she asks when assessing school readiness:

  • Can they make an independent decision and follow through on this?
  • Do they have ideas of their own?
  • Can they follow two or three instructions at the same time?
  • Can they move on to new activities easily?
  • Do they separate well from their carer?
  • Do they show interest in other kids?
  • Do they interact with other children?
  • Can they recognise and express their feelings and needs?
  • Can they concentrate on a task?
  • How do they deal with frustration?

Play is an important way for school-age children to practice their emotional skills – and sometimes just to let their emotions out. Check out this video from Raising Children on How Play Helps Child Development with Catherine Sewell.

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Download Before I Go To Kindergarten checklist