Public Speaking

Public Speaking is one of the extra curricula activities at Holy Family. Public speaking competitions are a great way to grow communication skills and build confidence. It helps students improve their writing skills and to develop many of the skills that will benefit them in the future.

There are three stages of public speaking followed by the grand finale of public speaking in Broken Bay.

“In debating, we had many challenges we had to face. One challenge was all the different and challenging topics we got. Another challenge was having to stand up and speak in front of different schools and read our speeches in front of new people which started off to seem a little bit scary but when we got up and started our speech it became a lot easier and we were able to speak at our best!

We all definitely enjoyed these challenges which provided us with more skills! It gave us a great confidence boost, helped us improve our writing skills, and strengthened our communication skills. Sometimes we lost, and sometimes we won. As much as that is great, it was more about the great experience and making new friends along the way!”

Stella & JJ, Class of 2022