‘Green Day’

12/09/2019 - 8:40 am > 2:50 pm

Exciting Environmental initiative at Holy Family School – Holy Family is going green!!

There are three new environmental projects happening at Holy Family. We have purchased a compost bin and a worm farm and we are in the process of ordering veggie pods in which to grow salad, herbs and vegetables.

To launch these “green” initiatives, we will be having a “Green” launch day on Thursday 12 September (Week 8). The children are encouraged to dress up in the theme of the day.

Children can wear their green sports uniform and add to this in any way that has something to do with the environment.eg-flowers, items that we can recycle, favourite fruits or
vegetable as part of their costume, etc.

The children are also asked to bring a “nude” lunch. A “nude” lunch means no plastic wrap, no plastic bags, and no materials that are not biodegradable. Lunches can be brought in a reusable plastic/Tupperware container or wrapped in paper in a paper bag.

Thursday is Tuckshop day and our wonderful tuck shop already serves lunches in brown paper bags. Drinks should be in containers that can be taken home and reused , otherwise children can drink from the bubbler.

There will be various activities throughout the day on the 12th to involve the children in our new environmental initiatives. One of these initiatives is to show the children the containers we will be using in the classroom and on the playground to collect their salad and veggies scraps. These will then be added to the worm farm and compost bin. Every fruit and veggie scrap we put in the worm farm and compost bin keeps those scraps from landfill, and cuts down on the methane gasses produced in those landfills. We will also be collecting the brown paper bags on Tuckshop days as these are great in the compost too.

We are very excited about our “Green Projects” here at school. We have a fantastic “Green Team” , which includes our Year 5 students and an “Environmental leader” from each classroom, as well as an enthusiastic core group of staff who are very keen for these projects to succeed. But…we will need help going forward. We are looking for parent/ grandparent support for this project. Please see the office staff if you are interested.