Amazing Me

15/03/2023 - 6:00 pm > 7:30 pm

Location: Holy Family Catholic Primary School

‘Amazing Me’ is coming to our school for parent and child evening program!

Amazing Me specialises in providing primary aged children, parents, and educators with positive and empowering information. Amazing Me presents programs to thousands of children and adults every year and has done so for over 25 years.

‘Bodies, Babies and Puberty’

As part of our INVOLVE series and to coincide with Wellbeing Week, when we focus on self-care and personal development, we are delighted to be hosting Amazing Me. This program specialises in providing primary-aged children, parents, and educators with positive and empowering sexual health education and information.

In this session – ‘Bodies, Babies and Puberty’ – Rowena Thomas will cover the key aspects that children need to know as they approach those often tricky and awkward topics of bodies, babies and puberty.

Why should you attend?

  1. Parents should be the main source of information and get the conversation started earlier. ‘Be an askable parent’.
  2. Our kids are learning a lot of misinformation mainly from the media then friends on the playground and we want them to know the right information.
  3. Children are going through puberty earlier (Year 4 is normal)
  4. This conversation involves not just facts but values and beliefs and how are our kids meant to know if we never talk, even worse they may feel ashamed that it’s a taboo topic.
  5. Being curious is normal and where do we go to for the answers? (probably the internet if our parents don’t want to talk to us)

The session is hosted in person in the library – there is no virtual option for this one.

The P&F are providing pizza and drinks for parents and students.

Cost and Payment Details:

$20 per family including GST. Ticket can be purchased from this link.

This program is specifically designed for families with kids between the years of 4 and 6.

For further information you can visit