Learning Together Program

Learning Together ‘LEAP @ Home’ Program

Designed by teachers to help your child with their own learning as they become school ready, our ‘LEAP @ Home’ program offers families continued engagement and opportunity to build connections with the school community as your child prepares for Kindergarten 2022.

See below a list of Leap @ Home activities:

Maths activity - puzzles and numbers Leap @ Home - Science InventorsLeap @ Home - Scribble, Snip and PasteLeap @ Home - My Creation StationLeap @ Home - Book Loving Bear


Learning Together at Home Facebook Group

Stay connected with our school and make new friends with other families in the community. Join our Facebook Group – created for parents and carers with preschool children age 3-6.  Share ideas, tips and resources to keep them stay engaged while at home. You will also have the opportunity to connect and share your own experiences and ideas with other parents in the group.

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