Creative Arts

Creative Arts is the Key Learning Area where students develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in the areas of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance.

At Holy Family students engage in learning experiences in visual arts, music, drama and dance as part of their natural growth and development. Learning experiences are thoughtfully planned, sequenced and related in order to develop students’ skills and knowledge and understanding within the artforms. They also contribute to the development of the whole child.

Evening of DanceBoys dancing


Last year Holy Family created a Music Garden.  For more information please see the links below:

We have a Music Garden

What the students say about our Music Garden

Our First Instruments

Newspaper Article from The North Shore Times

How to make a Tubular Glockenspiel

Our Metal Glockenspiel

Our Wooden Xylophone 

Our Drums

Our Slapperphone

Our Vertical Chimes

Our Secret Agent Talking Tube



Evening & Morning of Music Nomination Form 2018












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